Dr Heather Sequeira PhD

Consultant Psychologist at the forefront of practice

I help professionals from all backgrounds develop resilience to stress, trauma & anxiety to optimize mental health.

I share recent clinical, neuroscientific & psychological advances to manage minds and become less stressed and more productive - and as a result more confident and empowered.

  • Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society

  • Registered with HPCP

  • Approved by major private health care insurers


Specialist Qualifications & Experience

Since qualifying in 1997 I have specialised in Stress and Trauma and its effects such as OCD and anxiety. I don't try to be all things to all people. Because I work with a narrower range of issues compared with most therapists it means I can take real advantage of the recent clinical, neuro-scientific, and psychological advances in this area. Plus I can keep up to date with cutting edge ways to treat problems.  If you are looking for a specialist to help with Stress and associated issues such as trauma, anxiety, PTSD or OCD please get in touch.

Key Benefits for You

  • Solid background and at the forefront of practice. 

  • Unrivaled experience in this area

  • I know how to deliver outcomes with benefits for my clients without wasting time. 

  • The results that you want in safe hands with care and efficiency.

Wide Organisational Experience

  • I work in a specialist capacity for NHS

  • Currently serve on the BPS Executive Committee for Crisis, Disaster & Trauma Section 

  • Visiting lecturer University of Birmingham Clinical Psychology Doctorate. 

  • Doctorate level supervisor & examiner.

  • Published in International Journals

  • Keynote speaker & presenter at international conferences

  • Former post: Senior Research Fellow St Georges Hospital London.

  • A regular contributor to UK media

  • I consult widely on stress and trauma with universities, businesses, and individuals

Down to earth & approachable

  • Many of my clients come via personal referral and word of mouth.

  • I am Centred firmly on my clients' interests and fiercely non-pathologising.

  • I take on only a small number of clients.

  • I offer a clear assessment of where you are going and focus on specific strategies to get you there.

  • More time for what's important to you.           


I had tried a couple of different therapists before but had quickly stopped therapy as we seemed to endlessly talk round in circles and get nowhere. Heather was different. Right from the first session, she persuaded me to try doing things a little differently. Although a natural sceptic, I was soon feeling remarkably more on-top of things. Heather offers clear actionable advice. Really recommend.

Oliver  C

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CBT Psychologist Therapy

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Specialist Stress, Trauma, Anxiety OCD

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CBT Psychologist Therapy

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Specialist Stress, Trauma, Anxiety OCD


CBT Psychologist Therapy

Online or Face-2-Face
Specialist Stress, Trauma, Anxiety OCD


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