Dr Heather Sequeira PhD AFBPS, C Psychol. Specialist in CBT Stress, Trauma, OCD & Anxiety
Dr Heather Sequeira PhD AFBPS, C Psychol. Specialist in CBTStress, Trauma, OCD & Anxiety

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) & CBT Coaching


All of us experience complicated, distressing thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings can be difficult to shift. Sometimes it can feel as if we are putting in a lot of effort but our wheels are just spinning in mud. We are stuck. CBT can help us get unstuck.


Whether it is an everyday issue or a clinical problem, CBT can help us resolve the issues and make us more resilient to the ups and downs of work and personal life. 


What is CBT Therapy?

CBT is usually short-term, straight talking and 'user-friendly'. It aims to find strategies to unpick self-defeating patterns of behaviour or thoughts that no longer serve us. CBT can help us function better in our lives now and in the future. It is recommended by the Department of Health and has the largest evidence base of any psychological therapy. 

The aim is to give you long-term strategies to resolve problems.



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The difference between CBT and counselling or psychotherapy


Unlike some types of therapy, CBT involves a lot more than just 'talking and nodding'. It is a very active therapy and involves trying out different strategies to optimise your mental health. It definitely not about lying on a couch.


Good CBT is supportive and encouraging. More importantly it is also problem focused and offers practical strategies to manage life stresses and clinical issues in a more effective way. 


Although CBT recognises that past life experience can shape how we feel, think and behaviour, it is not a type of therapy that spends many hours and weeks dwelling on these events.


The aim is more to find workable management strategies and ways of dealing with difficulties that are happening in the here and now. It is far more about who we can be - deciding who we want to be and building the fulfilling lives that we want.



Choosing a psychologist or therapist


Choosing a psychologist or therapist can be confusing but need not be intimidating!

Once you know that they have the right credentials (e.g. BPS, BABCP or HPCP) and that they have the right expertise & competence in helping with your type of problem , it largely comes down to level of personal comfort with that person. Choose a psychologist with whom you feel comfortable and at ease. Here are some questions to help find the right one.


Good Questions to ask (that any decent Psychologist or Therapist should be Happy to Answer...)

  1. What qualifications do you have?
  2. What professional bodies are you accredited with? (e.g.  HCPC, BPS)
  3. What specific experience do you have with  my type of problem? Have you been successful in helping other similar people?
  4. Do you  specialise in CBT or do you also use other types of therapy? Decide if you want a CBT specialist or someone from a more generalised background. (No one can specialise in everything!).
  5. If they claim to use CBT, ask them what  & how much specific training they have in CBT.  Unfortunately, some therapists 'badge' their therapy as 'CBT' after training in CBT for just a few weeks and then go on to do other types of training. Unless they have done extensive training in CBT alone this may not be the level of CBT expertise that you need.
  6. Do they set tasks to do in between sessions (so that you can make most effective use of your therapy).
  7. Ask if you can audio-record sessions (this may make therapy more effective as you can review the session later at your own pace and make the most of it).
  8. What ideas do you have about how my problem can be treated? What are reasonable goals for treatment?
  9. What supervision do you have? Note -  all proper therapists & psychologists have regular supervision regardless of how senior or qualified they are. This is to offer a degree of quality control. Steer well clear of anyone who does not have this!
  10. What ideas do you have about how my problem can be treated & what could be the approximate length of therapy for my type of issues?

Cautionary Signs:

  1. Therapists who appear shifty / avoidant when asked questions
  2. Therapists who claim to be 'Expert in everything' or who claim to "do a bit of CBT' or offer CBT depending on what you need
  3. Pessimistic therapists


How to Get the Best Out of Your Therapy

  1. If you already have a therapist - are they helping you move forward with goals & strategies -not just letting you talk?
  2. Make sure that they are offering you the best available therapy andthe most up-to-date therapy for your problem
  3. Make written notes during the sessions of important points
  4. Ask questions
  5. Are they offering you potential strategies to overcome the issues that you want help with? (after a session or two).
  6. Are they setting you useful things to try out between sessions - so that you can gradually develop new ways of dealing with problems?
  7. Sometimes you might want to bring a partner or family member (for example, if your problem involves other people). Are they OK with this?
  8. Ask if the sessions can be audio-recorded e.g. on your phone
  9. Try not to shy away from trying out new ways of doing things; nothing ventured - nothing gained!

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Promoting Resilience to Stress

  • Managing fear is one of the most important keys to thriving in life.
  • Fear itself is the number one reason people are not living the lives they want.
  • CBT can make us more resilient to the ups and downs of stress in our lives.


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