Dr Heather Sequeira PhD AFBPS, C Psychol. Specialist in CBT Stress, Trauma, OCD & Anxiety
Dr Heather Sequeira PhD AFBPS, C Psychol. Specialist in CBTStress, Trauma, OCD & Anxiety

  Why do people see me?


I have found that increasing numbers of already successful people want access to psychological consultation for anxiety and stress. 


All too often we get ourselves stuck in unworkable or self-defeating responses to important life situations.


Many people tell me that they find it difficult to share their concerns with friends, family or colleagues as they don't want to be perceived as struggling. They may feel that others:

(1) don't understand their unique difficulties or

(2) that others want to offer naive, unworkable or simplified 'solutions'.


Stress, trauma and anxiety is my specialist area    I recognise that stress can present itself in many guises from (but not limited to) low mood, high anxiety, constant worry, low confidence, obsessions, strained relationships and unhelpful working habits. My skill is in helping people resolve these issues.


There are still people who think that changing and seeking help to change is admitting weakness or a sign of defeat. Actually - the complete opposite is true - why would you not want to increase skill and abilities to survive and thrive in difficult times, both personally and professionally? Seeking to change and seeking the best help to do this is a sign of mental strength and resilience. When there is a better way forward why not take it.


Just as our top sports men and women use coaching to give their best performance; people in professional walks of life use CBT to manage their emotions in an optimum way and to achieve more of what matters to them.


My skill is in asking the right questions, listening and having the mindset and specialist psychological knowledge relevant to your situation to help you come to clear resolution of the difficulties.


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Promoting Resilience to Stress

  • Managing fear is one of the most important keys to thriving in life.
  • Fear itself is the number one reason people are not living the lives they want.
  • CBT can make us more resilient to the ups and downs of stress in our lives.


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